Top 20 Ranked Architecture Schools

Are you thinking of becoming an architect? It all starts with picking the right school for you.  The right school in the right state can lead to the right internship and possibly the right career. The list of schools below is the top 20 ranked architectural schools in the United States. Each one of these schools offers either an undergraduate or graduate architecture degree.

College/University Student’s Enrolled Program/Institution
Cornell University 20,273 4-year, Private
Harvard University 26,496 4-year, Private
University of Texas 49,984 4-year, Public
University of California- Berkeley 35,396 4-year, Public
University of Southern California 33,747 4-year, Private
Virginia Polytechnic Institute 30,739 4-year, Public
University of Cincinnati 29,617 4-year, Public
University of Virginia 24,541 4-year, Public
Auburn University 24,530 4-year, Public
Kansas State University 23,520 4-year, Public
Columbia University- New York 23,196 4-year, Private
University of Oregon 21,452 4-year, Public
California Polytechnic State- SLO 19,471 4-year, Public
Syracuse University 19,366 4-year, Private
Carnegie Mellon University 10,875 4-year, Private
Mass. Institute of Technology 10,299 4-year, Private
Yale University 10,192 4-year, Private
Princeton University 7,330 4-year, Private
Rice University 5,357 4-year, Private
Rhode Island School of Design 2,352 4-year, Private